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About CIMA
Channel Industries Mutual Aid (CIMA) is a non-profit organization combining the fire-fighting, rescue, hazardous material handling and emergency medical capabilities of the refining and petrochemical industry in the Greater Houston Metropolitan area. Since 1955, this organization has been providing cooperative assistance and expertise for all kinds of emergencies - both natural and man-made.

CIMA members, who include industrial companies, municipalities and government agencies, work cooperatively in four geographic response zones. These groups maintain a corps of highly trained emergency personnel and a well-maintained pool of more than 200 pieces of specialized equipment, including rescue trucks, high-volume foam pumpers and fully equipped ambulances. Joint operations are controlled from sophisticated command vehicles that link CIMA members via a radio system with a coverage range of 500 square miles.

Response personnel from the various member companies and government units are trained in both classroom and simulated emergency situations. Frequent refresher drills help keep their response skills sharp.

The Houston Ship Channel has one of the largest concentrations of refineries and petrochemical plants in the world, and these industries recognize their responsibility to protect neighbors in the surrounding communities. CIMA is there to provide world-class, rapid response assistance whenever emergencies occur.